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Extreme Adventures - Scorpion Sting


Sam Fox is back!



“Off in the distance, a tiny ball of flame belched from the tank on our end of the line. It must have lowered its aim, because instead of flying over our heads, the shell hit the ground several hundred metres short of us and came skimming across the sand like a torpedo. It was travelling too fast for the eye to see. All we saw was its shock wave as it sliced through the mirage in a long silver ripple. Heading straight for us.
      A tank shell travels at sixteen hundred feet per second. There wasn’t even time to duck our heads.

Sam Fox is on a caving expedition in the desert when the roof collapses, trapping his brother Nathan beneath tonnes of rubble. Nathan is in a bad way, and Sam’s his only hope. But when he reaches the cave exit, Sam discovers a sea of huge, angry scorpions! And that’s just the first deadly obstacle he will have to face if he’s to get his brother out alive…

An action-packed rollercoaster ride, SCORPION STING is the fourth book in the Sam Fox series. And it’s in all good bookshops now! (If you can’t find it, ask the bookshop owner to order it in IMMEDIATELY!!!)

Scorpion Sting: Extreme Adventures
Notable Australian Children’s Book – Younger Readers
2007 CBC Awards

Judge’s report: “Brothers Sam and Nathan’s desert expedition becomes an extreme adventure when a frightening series of rumblings and cracks turn into a cave-in. Sam suddenly finds he has to rescue the brother he has always followed and admired. He perseveres through scorpions, Min Min lights, gunfire and hot blinding sand. ‘Holy guacamole!’ D’Ath does this so well and the pace only lets go long enough for a new menace to appear out of the desert night. A fun frenetic read.”


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