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Books by Justin

Below is a list of currently released titles by Justin D'Ath. To read further information about any of these titles, click on the book covers.

Latest Releases


Previous Titles

Cooper Sam Fox Extreme Adventures Lost World Circus - Book 6 - Animal Planet
Lost World Circus - Book 5 - Plague Island Lost World Circus
- Book 4 -
Boy Versus Rat Dog
Lost World Circus
- Book 3 -
Secret Superhero
Lost World Circus
- Book 2 -
The Singing Ape
Lost World Circus
- Book 1 -
The Last Elephant
Mission Fox:
Koala Round-up
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Dinosaur Dreaming Mission Fox:
Go Goanna
Mission Fox:
Zebra Rampage
<empty> <empty>
Mission Fox:
Puma Rumour
Mission Fox:
Horse Hijack
Mission Fox:
Dolphin Rescue
Mission Fox: Panda Chase Mission Fox: Snake Escape Phoebe Nash: Girl Warrior
Phoebe Nash: Detective Extreme Adventures:
Tiger Trouble
Extreme Adventures:
Monkey Mountain
Extreme Adventures:
Devil Danger
Extreme Adventures:
Grizzly Trap
Extreme Adventures:
Anaconda Ambush
Extreme Adventures:
Killer Whale
Extreme Adventures:
Man Eater
Extreme Adventures:
Spider Bite
Extreme Adventures:
Scorpion Sting
Extreme Adventures:
Shark Bait!
Extreme Adventures:
Bushfire Rescue
Extreme Adventures: Crocodile Attack! Pool Robbie and the Dolphins
The Quentaris Chronicles: The Skyflower Echidna Mania Koala Fever
The Upside-Down Girl Infamous Why Did The Chykkan Cross The Galaxy?
Hunters And Warriors Astrid Spark, Fixologist Fantabulous
Aussie Bites: Goldfever Aussie Nibbles: Topsy and Turvy Aussie Nibbles: Snowman Magic
Shaedow Master Das Mädchen mit den magnetischen Fingern  



Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (TV Series)

Mission Fox (Puffin official website)

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